Centenary Institute Medical Innovation Award 2017

Stage: Competition Finished

How do I apply?

You will first need to create a Thinkable account. You can then simply click 'Apply' on the right of this page.

Can I apply as part of a team?

No. We only accept applications from individuals.

What does the application involve?

The application (up to two pages) involves writing a short summary of your research innovation, as well as providing some details and research background. Please ensure you additionally provide your track record along with a letter of support from your supervisor. You may also want to include a short video (3 minute max length) to better engage your audience.

How can I increase my chances in the People's Choice?

By encouraging your peers and colleagues to vote! You can do this via social media, email and of course word of mouth. In 2016 1,335 people voted in the People's Choice Award.

What if I am unable to finish applying by the deadline?

Please contact the Thinkable team here regarding late submissions.

I am having difficulties with my submission. What can I do?

Contact the Thinkable support team here. They can help you with any difficulties you may be having.

Is there an application fee for this prize.


 Funding Available



Many of our senior researchers are specialist clinicians at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and lecturers at the University of Sydney. Their direct, personal experience with patients inspires their work to improve and save lives. Our close ties with the University and Hospital mean our scientists are not isolated from the people who are affected by the major diseases we are working to overcome. ...